Thursday, October 28, 2010

What really matters?

I want to talk about a FB friend, Jill.

We met each other in grade school and had fun in girl scouts and church activities, lasting through Junior High. In High School, our interests changed and we developed different social networks to the extent that we lost touch with one another. I often wondered about this friend of mine, but did not know how to contact her, or, if I did, I did not know what to talk about since I had no idea what we might still share in common. She was, essentially, a memory...a ghost from my past.

A year ago, I joined the FB community and Jill found me. As I creeped along her pages and read her posts, I realized that we had almost everything in common! We share political views, family values, humor, interests, and even eating preferences (we may be the only 2 vegans in the entire state of Oklahoma!). Whenever I log into FB, I hope she has made an entry or post, as they help me feel reconnected and part of something bigger than my little world.

Yesterday, she sent me a message. She had read where a former classmate had died and was letting me know about planning for her funeral services. The friend who died, Joyce, was another person whom I often wondered about, but did not know how to contact. We went to the same college and often would commute from campus back to Muskogee for weekend visits (I had a car, Joyce had money for gas). We "left home" and became adults together, but, alas, like my experience with Jill, we each developed different interests and went our individual ways and lost touch with one another.

Joyce was perhaps the kindest and most honestly sincere of persons. I will miss her dearly, especially since I have now forever lost the opportunity to reconnect with her (in this world, as we know it).

What really matters in life?

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