Friday, April 23, 2010

Questions to ponder for the whole food challenge

Some questions from the group to ponder at the beginning of the 30-day whole food challenge, with a few questions of my own at the end of this post:

1. Is this style of eating attainable in my lifestyle?
2. Will I miss (bread, tofu, candy, etc.) as much as I think?
3. Will I have more energy?
4. Will I lose weight?
5. Will my digestive system hum along more smoothly?
6. (For those trying veganism this month) Is a vegan diet as easy/hard
as I thought?
7. Is this experience going to change the way I think about "health"
8. Am I going to have withdrawal or cravings?
9. What will I tell my friends, parents, family and co-workers who
notice I'm eating different?
10. How has this challenge changed my perception of my old diet.
11. Will I eat more, less or about the same amount of food?
12. What other changes in my body will I feel? (i.e. less stress,
mental clarity).

And some questions of my own...
13. Do I count oatmeal as a processed food?
14. Will there be easily procured foods during my travels the second half of this challenge?
15. What snacks will I bring aboard the sailboat?
16. Will the captain of the boat appreciate my provisions?
17. Will my fellow traveling companions "live and let live"?
18. Will I be able to honor my intention?

For the last half of this challenge, will be on vacation and away from my kitchen with all of its tools. One week will be spent in transit and then at a small hotel on the island of Tortula; one week will be spent sailing among the British Virgin Islands. The travel party is small....three stout and ardent omnivores and two recently converted vegans (me, my husband). It will be interesting to see how this experience unfolds; to be honest, I have a bit of excited apprehension.

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