Thursday, October 28, 2010

What really matters?

I want to talk about a FB friend, Jill.

We met each other in grade school and had fun in girl scouts and church activities, lasting through Junior High. In High School, our interests changed and we developed different social networks to the extent that we lost touch with one another. I often wondered about this friend of mine, but did not know how to contact her, or, if I did, I did not know what to talk about since I had no idea what we might still share in common. She was, essentially, a memory...a ghost from my past.

A year ago, I joined the FB community and Jill found me. As I creeped along her pages and read her posts, I realized that we had almost everything in common! We share political views, family values, humor, interests, and even eating preferences (we may be the only 2 vegans in the entire state of Oklahoma!). Whenever I log into FB, I hope she has made an entry or post, as they help me feel reconnected and part of something bigger than my little world.

Yesterday, she sent me a message. She had read where a former classmate had died and was letting me know about planning for her funeral services. The friend who died, Joyce, was another person whom I often wondered about, but did not know how to contact. We went to the same college and often would commute from campus back to Muskogee for weekend visits (I had a car, Joyce had money for gas). We "left home" and became adults together, but, alas, like my experience with Jill, we each developed different interests and went our individual ways and lost touch with one another.

Joyce was perhaps the kindest and most honestly sincere of persons. I will miss her dearly, especially since I have now forever lost the opportunity to reconnect with her (in this world, as we know it).

What really matters in life?

Friday, July 2, 2010

My part-time job...a beginning and ending, all in one succint post

Well....that about says it all.... I obtained PRN employment at a hospital in the month of March; worked about 5-6 shifts / month during April and May; worked 6 shifts in June, then resigned. Too many patients for safe care delivery. Will miss the activity...and the extra dough...but not the stress and angst of it all.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh how time flies

Tinking around on my computer, and thought I would put an update on blogger. Hmmm. I last made a post on April 27....I don't think that blogging is something that I am effectively incorporating into my routines.

Routines? Did I just imply that I have such a thing? How funny!

Actually, I need to be cleaning my room and packing my bag since I leave early in the morning for a trip out of the country. All I have done to prepare is purchase a large woven bag (my suitcase, if you could call it that) to carry my swim suits, sarongs, sunscreen, cash, passport, toothbrush, lip balm, and maybe some capris and a tshirt or two. Two weeks away. No luggage. This is the vacation of my dreams!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morning Coffee

Having my morning coffee .... processed? I have never witnessed the process of transforming the coffee cherry into a coffee bean, however I don't think you just pick the little buggers, wait until they turn brown, then grind and drink. I imagine there is some "process" for transforming these little nuggets into a form suitable for my morning go-juice.

Am I willing to give it up for the whole food challenge? Don't think so.... However, I will assure that every cup I consume will be freshly ground from organic, fair trade, unflavored, whole beans. I will drink my beverage black and without added sweetener (lucky for me that I already like it this way). I will prepare my own drink, and will not purchase it by the cup from a retailer who shall remain nameless.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Questions to ponder for the whole food challenge

Some questions from the group to ponder at the beginning of the 30-day whole food challenge, with a few questions of my own at the end of this post:

1. Is this style of eating attainable in my lifestyle?
2. Will I miss (bread, tofu, candy, etc.) as much as I think?
3. Will I have more energy?
4. Will I lose weight?
5. Will my digestive system hum along more smoothly?
6. (For those trying veganism this month) Is a vegan diet as easy/hard
as I thought?
7. Is this experience going to change the way I think about "health"
8. Am I going to have withdrawal or cravings?
9. What will I tell my friends, parents, family and co-workers who
notice I'm eating different?
10. How has this challenge changed my perception of my old diet.
11. Will I eat more, less or about the same amount of food?
12. What other changes in my body will I feel? (i.e. less stress,
mental clarity).

And some questions of my own...
13. Do I count oatmeal as a processed food?
14. Will there be easily procured foods during my travels the second half of this challenge?
15. What snacks will I bring aboard the sailboat?
16. Will the captain of the boat appreciate my provisions?
17. Will my fellow traveling companions "live and let live"?
18. Will I be able to honor my intention?

For the last half of this challenge, will be on vacation and away from my kitchen with all of its tools. One week will be spent in transit and then at a small hotel on the island of Tortula; one week will be spent sailing among the British Virgin Islands. The travel party is small....three stout and ardent omnivores and two recently converted vegans (me, my husband). It will be interesting to see how this experience unfolds; to be honest, I have a bit of excited apprehension.

Me? Blogging?

Life affords us with opportunity to learn, change, and grow...or not. How many times in a day do we have the opportunity to reframe our focus and rethink our gameplan?

My new beginning for today rests with the creation of a blogspot and the first entry into this online journal--- stretching here! It wasn't very long ago at all that I was asking "What is a blog?"...and then once I found out, "Who cares?"

What motivates this change? Don't really have an answer for that; except perhaps that I seek an avenue to document life changes and the responses to those changes. Within the past year, I have taken action to improve my healthy habits: I quit smoking over a year ago, tried to incorporate regular physical activity (this one ebbs and flows), and improved my dietary intake. I still don't get enough sleep, don't drink enough fluids, and don't have enough fun in my life, but those are things that I can change.

I intend to use this blogspot as a record of my journey toward health and happiness ---